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EZ offers complimentary continuing education units (CEUs) to claim adjusters and nurses nationwide. The courses offered are aligned with the products and services that EZ offers however recommendations are always welcomed for new CEU topics. Through EZ’s CEU program live in office presentations are offered as well as webinars.

This presentation was quite good and brought up the fact of dry mouth with opioid use. That’s not something we think about when an injured worker is on opioids for length time. Good to know.

A nurse about Prescription Medication | Oral vs Mental Health

Course List

  • Prescription Medication | Affects on Mental and Oral Health

    This course is designed to inform Workers’ Comp claims handlers about commonly prescribed medications and how it affects the injured worker’s oral and mental health. This course also includes contributing factors specifically to chronic pain, common treatments, and solutions.

  • Dental Trauma & Facial Injuries

    This course has been created to increase the awareness of latest advances in treatment of facial wounds and dental trauma. The instructor will cover the background and history and incidence of facial injuries and dental trauma in healthcare, workers’ compensation, and industry. Participants of this course will receive information on existing resources to help them manage their cases. The instructor will also review current-lost time costs, while reviewing cost-containment strategies (RTW) through the use of latest advances in surgical treatment and prevention equipment.

  • A Dental Injury: What is Pre-existing versus Related

    Often times claim handlers receive dental treatment plans and question if and why certain procedures that seem unrelated are necessary to treat the injured area. This course takes claim handlers through a dental claim from a dentist prospective and describes scenarios where unlikely treatment is requested that does not seem related to the injury.

  • Oral Anatomy | What You Need to Know

    This course was designed to aid claim handlers to understand dental claim documentation, treatment plans and understanding the areas where a dental injury occurred as well as areas where treatment is necessary. It will outline the oral cavity including soft tissue, hard tissue, blood supply and nerve supply. The goal of this course it to make the oral cavity less complicated and involved and to simplify outline what is often areas were affected in certain from a dental injury.

  • Understanding Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Work Comp Claims

Very much enjoyed the presentation and the fact that the presenter talked like he was seeing you face to face. Also that he had expression in his talk. Gained a lot of knowledge!

an adjuster from MSIG about Dental Implants | What you need know

CEU Webinar Series

EZ pre-schedules a series of CEU’s throughout the year. These webinars are scheduled around the lunch hour and attendees are provided an one (1) hour credit. Register below for an upcoming webinar.


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Such a knowledgeable dentist! He was had lots of insight and really discussed dental in conjunction to work comp aspect so precisely. He hit points on all levels and addressed many work comp dental questions that I had. Very enjoyable to listen to.

Katrina Alvare about Dental Injuries | Related or Pre-existing

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