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EZ Comp Care is always recruiting exceptional provider partners for its ever growing network of national providers. EZ understands workers’ comp can be tricky and often times confusing to providers. Like our company name “EZ”, our goal is to make your job easy as possible when treating a workers’ comp patient. We are here every step of the way to provide guidance with state requirements and to act as your “back office assistant” when it comes to relaying information to multiple parties about a workers’ comp patient, filing claims and staying connected with the payer to ensure prompt authorization for services.

Below highlights several benefits of network participation:

  • New Referral
  • New Revenue
  • Increased Practice
  • Fair Reimbursement
  • High dollar
  • Prompt Payment
  • Simple Claims
  • Smooth

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If you are dental or medical provider and want to join our network, please fill in the form below and we will contact you soon.

Workers’ Comp Referral Solution

Providers may receive phone calls directly from payers requesting appointments for injured workers. Often these requests are denied as dentist and specialty physicians do not treat many work related injuries and view these types of referrals as cumbersome and low paying. EZ offers the Workers’ Comp Referral Solution (WCRS) to providers to again, make their life simple while generating this additional revenue to their practices. Through the program EZ acts as the provider’s “personal” back office assistant that manages all workers’ comp referrals. So, not only do providers receive referrals from EZ through network participation but through this program, providers may now accept workers’ comp referrals from other payer sources! EZ’s back office assistant will work with your office to secure authorizations, process claims promptly and offer scheduling assistance. What is even better is providers have ONE SOURCE to manage ALL workers’ comp referrals and experience the flow of additional high dollar revenue.

This program guarantees:

  • Consistent reimbursement schedule across all worker’s comp claims
  • Quick & Easy Authorization Process
  • Prompt Payment
  • Claim filing to one billing address for all workers’ comp claims
  • 24/7 access to workers’ comp specialists
Click here or call 1-855-9EZ-COMP about participating